How to build a saas product

How to build a saas product

Payment, Authentication, Authorization, Vat, Bookkeeping in one dead simple API.


Accept payment via Visa in every country of the world

Book keeping

We receive a lump sums instead of million small payments

Charge backs

We fight your charge backs in automated way


We provide a register and login form for you


We check whether customer is still paying for the product and provide you with an SDK

Legal shield

We act as a legal shield between you and the world

How to build a saas product

How to build a saas product

Ever wanted to build a rapid prototype?

Landing pages

Optimized for speed, SEO and content marketing - legally

A/B Testing & Tracking

We provide with an intuitive A/B Testing Tool, Tracking library and Visualizations

Managed infrastructure

You can decide to host your software with us: We support serverless, Kubernetes, Docker and static sites

Multi user account management

For multi seats plan, we provide you with an dashboard where Admins can manage their groups

Cross sell

We know what products your customers are using. They can easily discover your offer.

Affiliate network

Let others create content for you and let them earn a commision from every sale they refer